Are you an entrepreneur looking to sell your company? Do you have a great idea and are you looking to raise some capital for your start-up? Do you own shares that are not quoted on any exchange and you want to know their market value, and eventually sell them? Are you looking to expand your business internationally? Or are you just looking to invest in some pre-IPO potential?

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Why Should I sell on FirstPEX

In the past, it was a challenging task to reach out to the private equity investment community. Today, thanks to FirstPEX, any owner of non-listed equities can attain a substantial yet targeted visibility through our platform. In short, you can maximise the potential of your holdings by auctioning them off to the highest bidder, wherever they may be.

Further, using FirstPEX is the most efficient method of selling assets as our fee structure is well below any industry standard. Brokerage fees can range from 3% to over 10% for facilitating a sale of non-listed assets. FirstPEX however will only charge 1.75%.

That said, we are confident that we are offering our members the most effective and efficient way to sell (and buy) equity in today’s market and look forward to welcoming you amongst our community.

How Secure is FirstPEX

We're very much aware of the challenges of security and how delicate it is to put anything online. When it comes to sensitive information, the security of our data storage facilities becomes our prime concern. At FirstPEX you can expect the latest and best technology to protect your information not only on a digital level but also with regards to the people who handle it. We've put a solid structure in place to safeguard your data, just as if it was our own.

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